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Services Available for Residents with Dementia

  1. Assistance with eating.
  2. Redirection and distraction techniques if the residents’ actions may pose a hazard to themselves or others.
  3. Incontinent care.
  4. Hygiene and dental care.
  5. Personalized activities.
  6. Monitoring for changes with appropriate notification to the MD.
  7. Assistance with medication routines.
  8. Observation for changes in behaviors that would warrant MD intervention.

Our goal is to ensure that:

  1. Residents are relaxed and content and are active and engaged in activities.
  2. The atmosphere is cheery and homey where residents will enjoy the feeling of being in their own home as opposed to a clinical environment.
  3. Residents are alert, well groomed and clean due to outstanding care and supervision by our staff.
  4. Residents are treated with dignity and respect.
  5. Privacy and confidentiality is respected.
  6. There is open communication among staff, families and residents.
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